Rotarians Take Action to Assist Youth

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As the owner and president of Stratford Insurance Group, Inc., Val Stratford consults with clients on matters of property casualty insurance. Philanthropically, Val Stratford contributes to the Layton Rotary Club, of which he is a former president.

In keeping with the club’s mission for meeting community needs, it sponsors Rotaract. Young adults ages 18-30 meet twice monthly to plan service projects, social opportunities, and professional growth ideas. There are more than 184,000 persons in 8,000 Rotaract groups worldwide.

Many Rotary Clubs sponsor Rotaract chapters and give the group a free hand to do good works and organize themselves. Interested participants can contact the Rotary Club in their area to find out if Rotaract exists in their area.

If there is no Rotaract chapter in the vicinity, you can launch one. You will need an adviser from the sponsoring Rotary Club. If the Rotaract is based in a higher learning institution, you will also need a faculty adviser to exchange information between the university and the sponsoring club.