The LCAC Neighborhood Watch

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Layton Community Action Council

Val Stratford has served as president of Stratford Insurance Group, Inc., in Layton, Utah, for more than 12 years. Val Stratford additionally oversees activities with the Layton Community Action Council (LCAC) as executive director.

The LCAC is a philanthropic organization comprised of adult and youth volunteers from the Layton area. The LCAC maintains a number of valuable community services and programs, including the Layton Neighborhood Watch.

Resulting from a partnership with the Layton Citizen Corps Council, the Neighborhood Watch program has proven to be an effective and affordable method for preventing crime and creating safe residential environments throughout the community. The program has helped to open up lines of communication between homes and neighborhoods and has lowered the rate of break-ins and robberies. Further, the program has helped to forge closer relationships between citizens and law enforcement officers. For more information on the program or LCAC, visit